Frequently Asked Questions


If my event is inside, does the photo bus have to stay outside?

Usually yes but not always! The Photo Bus is 68″ wide, 82″ tall, 15 ft long, and weigh approximately 3000 lbs (about the same as a modern compact car), so as long as we can fit in the door and get permission from the venue, we will park her inside!

How much space do you need?

We ask for about a 10’x20′ space when we’re all up and running.

Can you drive the photo bus?

Yes, we always drive Skye The Photo Bus to all events.

May we come see the photo bus prior to an event?

Yes, we would be happy to arrange a time to show you! We are located in Miami.

Do you print on-site?

All of our packages include printing unlimited photos on-site, and at no additional cost! What’s even better is each person who takes their picture in our photo booth gets a copy of their photo.

Do you charge a travel fee?

We don’t charge for delivery as long as you are within 30 miles from Skye’s home. If you are a bit further, there will be a fee per mile of $.95 per mile going and coming. We love to drive Skye so we don’t mind.

Do you post the images on Facebook?

Yes, we always post the images to our Facebook  page so you and your guests can have them for personal use after the event. If you don’t want them posted, that’s fine too 🙂 Please let us know prior to the event. They are normally posted within 24-48 hours

Can you personalize the prints?

We always have The Photo Bus logo on the bottom of prints, but we will also personalize it for your event, whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, fundraiser, or just because! We are all about creating memories, so we are so happy to work with you to help people remember each event.

Can I change the background color?

Yes, we will work with you to do our best to match our photo booth background with your theme. Just make sure you mention it before the event! If not our Bus is equipped with a beautiful white backdrop.

How much does it cost to rent your mobile photo booth?

Please visit or Services page or you can contact us for pricing. Our package includes unlimited prints, an attendant to set up, run and tear down, props to use, custom print design, and much more.

What year is the Photo Bus?

It is a 1974 VW Van established in Florida.

Do you need power?

Yes, we will need for you to provide us with access to 20 Amps of power within 50ft of the van. If you’re unable to provide electrical access within 50 feet, We will need to charge for the generator, a fee of $75.

Do you travel?

The Photo Bus travels to events in Miami/FT. Lauderdale at no additional cost. If you’re curious about having this unique photo booth at your event outside of Miami/FT. Lauderdale, contact us and we’ll let you know the travel costs for the outside cities.

More questions? Just contact us!