The Bus

Meet Skye our 1974 Vintage VW Bus. Born and raised in South Florida. Skye is a wanderlust, she is an adventurer, and a timeless beauty. Living in South Florida she has overcome many different elements to then be repurposed into an amazing unique Photo Bus. Skye is truly  an inspiration and breath of fresh air to the event world.

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The Booth

Our Photo Booth is equipped with the latest in technology software. It has a DSLR High quality Camera, The latest 24" Touch Screen Computer and a high speed full color printer all on board. She is also equipped with Wifi so that you can enjoy sharing your photos and videos on the spot.


The Experience

Skye will be an amazing addition to any event! She will wow all your guests!  This unique photo booth experience is one of a kind.  Imagine being able to sit inside this classic beauty, grab some cool props and take some fun pictures! It will definitely be a memorable experience for all!

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What Makes Skye so Special

Besides being the first vintage photo booth bus in Miami, Skye's timeless beauty is a unique addition to any event.

There's nothing more fun than having a photo booth for your guests, and it's even better when it's on a vintage bus. Unlike others, She's a breath of fresh air to the event world.

Skye has the best of both worlds: she looks retro, but she's also fully equipped when it comes to technology. DSLR Camera, Customizable picture frames, Printer on-site, Touchscreen, and even Wifi for social media share... What's not to love?


Next Steps...

Make those unforgettable moments last forever with Skye! Call us now to rent your Photo Bus today!